burrntup said: You are so wrong about ascendant signs and the rest!! This site is utter bullshit without them! How can you tell a Virgo to love an Aries? It's so wrong, love is love and astrology is based on soul, not compatability through the sun sign, you idiot!



You heard it here first, people. If you are a Virgo in a relationship with an Aries, please break up immediately. Get a divorce, if necessary. In fact, if you are a Virgo and you can so much as look at an Aries without breaking into violent fits of rage, there is probably something deeply wrong with you.

Whew. Glad we cleared that up on time.

Oh dang Helena, seems like I put you into fits of rage, and if not then you ain’t a real Virgo lmao

LMAO I am experiencing a foam inducing rage shit now, just talking to you. My soul is rejecting your presence *riiiiight now*. It is nothing personal, just so you know, the stars are willing me to do it.

iamkingdemetrius said: upon leaving high school, what are the qualification needed in order to get you into med school?? do you do a bachelor degree in biology?? tell me all qualification needed and the steps??




Most medical schools do require a bachelor’s degree in something (does NOT have to be biology) from an accredited 4 year university/college type place.

Here is a relevant post, hopefully you will find everything you ever wished for there.

In summary, your timeline is roughly:
- Go to college
- Take all required pre-reqs
- Have some fucking fun for the love of god. Make at least 2 bad choices per year that will not go on your permanent record, seriously harm yourself or anyone else, and you will laugh about later.
- Take the MCAT probably around the end of junior year, or after senior year if you are a super-senior like I was (no one cares)
- Apply to med school on year before you want to start (aka- apply summer 2014, start med school fall 2015). You should have taken/scheduled your MCAT by now
- Interview
- Get accepted. Have a party.
- Graduate undergrad
- Have a fun summer. Seriously. Quit your job if you can. Sleep in all the time. Go on trips. Have mimosas at 9am on Wednesdays.
- Start med school. Embark on the most terrifying, horrible, and marvelous journey.

NOTE: It is ok to take a year off between graduating and starting med school. IT IS OK TO DO THAT. DO YOU HEAR ME.

Also see my 'previous questions' page and my 'undergrad tips' page, both of which have not been updated in ages.



Yes. Please do. Give yourself the chance to grow as an individual. I actually took 2 years off, and I learned a lot about myself and some really hard life lessons before getting in. High school through college without any years in between is a whole lot of school and a whole lot of, “I need to do better than everyone else to get into where I want to be,” mentality. At least it was for me. Those extra years really took the edge off and helped me realize that life takes time and what sounds like a perfect plan to you, may not really be perfect FOR you. But that is what it is. A life lesson, a lesson you will only learn from experience. So goooooooood luck to all you premeds out there. Because once you get in, it is going to be a ride through Hell on double time and it’ll jacked up, but for some reason it is enjoyable (so far anyway lol). So yeah. Have fun!


23 year old Sochi silver medalist Patrick Chan is both amazingly talented and adorable. (x)

LMAO no worries Patrick. I would have reacted the same way. I probably would have laughed for a good solid minute if it were me they were talking about. Who are we kidding, the interview would have just stopped there because I would be laughing too hard to continue. 

Also, good job on winning silver man. That was a good performance. Especially with men’s free skate being rough for pretty much everyone. Falls, falls errywhurr.

ISTJ…for the time being lol.
Where is your favorite Marvel character? I find it hilarious Tony and Deadpool are the same type. But it totally fits. Reblauging because *someone* was in the INTJ tag ISTJ…for the time being lol.
Where is your favorite Marvel character? I find it hilarious Tony and Deadpool are the same type. But it totally fits.
Reblauging because *someone* was in the INTJ tag

Omg. Today’s dissection lab was a beast. Lower limb.
Did not finish dissection. Determined to finish it. Going back in there over weekend to finish. I don’t care if my group members decide not to come, I need to get this stuff at least somewhat down.

Also, now, whenever I look at my legs, I can imagine making incisions and de-skinning them to look at the superficial veins and nerves.

Even right now, I am sort of staring at the veins on my calves….I am pretty sure I can see almost the entire length of my great saphenous veins. It also bulges everytime I do Insanity workouts. But that was probably more than you needed to know.

I should stop staring and get to reading neuro…

Hello hello.

So. Just finished the first exam block of the new semester. Gonna start pharmacology tomorrow, but I don’t feel like working on anything at 1300 am. So random thoughts for you as I struggle to prep for pharm this late.

1.) Did you know that when you sleep, your cerebrospinal fluid actually flows a lot as you sleep through these tiny microscopic channels that help clean out waste. Compare that to the very little movement when you  are awake. 

So now you have another excuse to go take a nap. You’re welcome. “MA! I’m NAPPING. Trying to clean my brain from seeing the neighbor naked.”

Don’t believe me? 

MIND. BLOWN. http://www.nih.gov/news/health/oct2013/ninds-17.htm

and go Google CSF sleep if you’re interested.

2.) Man, I am so grateful for the people I’ve met in my life. Just listening to a song reminded me of my piano teacher I had a child. I remember playing a piece and not actually following a note in a measure, because I thought it sounded right. I thought he was going to be mad, but he surprised me with something along the lines of, “AH. But why did you play that note? It sounded right didn’t it? Wasn’t what you expected. That’s called playing by ear.”

You betcha I bring up that memory every time I hear a melody that doesn’t go the way I expect. I keep hearing what a melody could have been, but then it doesn’t happen. It’s a lot of fun. He’s probably long gone now, but I’m glad I still remember a part of him. 

And because I might as well, this was the song I was listening to: 

Been on repeat all day. Yes. Bringing this band back. Needed a pick me up while studying. Exams tomorrow and Friday. 

This song isn’t *really* all that upbeat, but this one is just too good not to share. So there. You’re welcome.

January 22, 2014


Moon Age Day 22; Moon Sign Libra

"You could win over a new love interest now, but on the other hand you could also probably climb Mt. Everest if you put your mind to it! No zodiac sign has greater determination than yours. The only trouble is there are times when someone needs to put a bomb under you to make you realise they are interested in you."

LMFAO This is like the equivalent of saying,”if he teases you, it means he likes you.” Only, you know, instead of calling me an ugly pig, you have to pretty much make an attempt on my life to express your affections. Sexy. Might want to rethink that metaphor there buddy.

Was going to reblaugh some Nightwing shenanigans. But this is better. AAAAAWWWW SHIT’S GOIN’ DOWN. EVERYONE SHUT UP!


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I emerge battered from this histology image exam, but I think I did all right. So I come to share with you this beautiful piece of work. Kudos if you actually know what the spleen does. And no, baby making isn’t one of them.

I'm nothing special. No really. I actually don't know why people listen to what I say. Though if you truly want to know more about me (Heaven forbid), you can ask me questions I suppose.

Also, if you can't tell, I happen to really like science, food, weird stuff, and learning. Have at it. And stay classy. p:

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