Was going to reblaugh some Nightwing shenanigans. But this is better. AAAAAWWWW SHIT’S GOIN’ DOWN. EVERYONE SHUT UP!


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I emerge battered from this histology image exam, but I think I did all right. So I come to share with you this beautiful piece of work. Kudos if you actually know what the spleen does. And no, baby making isn’t one of them.

The world is full of boring, identical and mindless people.

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Psssh, I never liked Ham on Rye much anyway. Most every character was gross. Stopped me from wanting to ever read any of his other works. Not sure why people like it. Also, I find it hard to believe that the world is full of those types if you haven’t met most of the people on the face of this planet.

I’d rather be quotin’ Mark Twain tbh.

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Ahhh yes. Time to fill out another work related incidence report. Good job doctor. Good job.

I don’t even remember seeing this as a kid, but lol, this just reminds me of all those orientation meetings at the hospitals I’ve volunteered at, where they tell you what to do in case you get into a “workplace related accident” like getting hit with a needle stick.

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A departure from jazz.

A little rock to push you through your week.

Lyrics & Translation Here:


Goodness those lyrics. It’s like Shiina’s bundled up everything I feel about life into three and a half minutes. Do you know how much love I have for this? Do you? Do youuuuu?????




i dont want to do anything ever

I’ve never related to anything more


Anna…This. This is beautiful. This guy has managed to fit my life into just 17 seconds. Thank you.

I DUN WANNA WRITE MY CORE COMPETENCY ESSAY. My histology and anatomy exam were combined into one this time GDI. LET ME SLEEP.

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I should be studying, but right now, I can’t focus very well. So you guys get a funny story/life lesson.

I had an OPP exam this morning, basically, I gotta do some osteopathic manipulative techniques for my proctor on my partner. Intending to go to school to practice a little before the exam with my partner, I go out like an hour before it starts.

Only, like normal, my car was iced over. Living out in a desert, it will happen. Extremes of temperatures are not fun, but OH WELL right?

So like normal, I load my crap in the back. Then take out the ice scraper, start scraping down the car, and then thought, “Oh right, gotta turn on the heat if I want this done faster.” So I got back in my seat, turned the heat on, brought my scraper out and shut the door. Long story short, I finished scraping, and guess what I did?

I locked myself out with the car still running. AWWWW YEEEAAAAH.

That was unfortunate. Luckily, my school’s security is super nice, and I called and they actually came out to jimmy my door open…as I got a ride to my OPP exam. And by then, I was running late.

And you know what happened? The OPP exams were running a half hour late. So now you know how my morning went. Pretty sure I accidentally stood on the wrong side of my partner when I was trying to do HVLA on the thoracic spine, but you know what, idc.

Lesson of the day: Turn on the heat before you go scrape down your window, and check the door before shutting it. And if you can’t remember that, then get some damned spare keys. I know I am. Ok not really, I’m too cheap.

Listen/purchase: Computational Directive by The GOOD Directorate

Good news everyone. I passed my histology, anatomy, AND physiology exams for this last exam block. THANK GOODNESS. Much improvement from 1st exam block. My clinical skills exams suffered, but penciling some more time here and there and less time for some other things should fix that. So now I gotta up my game even more. 

So for you guys still in school (and not in school), keep at it. You’re all smart and capable individuals.The most you can do is learn from your mistakes. If you can do even that, then I think you can get pretty far. Don’t sweat it if you mess up, think big picture, and then it won’t seem so bad. 

So I guess that’s all I wanted to say really. That, and I wanted an excuse to share this track as I wait patiently for the next Romantically Apocalyptic journal update. Use it as study music, that’s what I’m doing. lol

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