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Bawwww. :c

Goodbye Damian Wayne, you cheeky little devil. I wish you didn’t leave the way you did. Better come back and give us a better ending. 

Aaaah. Yet another reason for me to own an Xbox 360. Hnnngh. Nightwing. 

Also, it looks like a fun game to play. Y’know, despite me sucking at these sorts of games. The good thing about these sorts of games is that you get better as you try and try again. Aaaah. Either way, it looks good. Except Harley. But that may be just me and my old school preferences in the costumes department. 

I'm nothing special. No really. I actually don't know why people listen to what I say. Though if you truly want to know more about me (Heaven forbid), you can ask me questions I suppose.

Also, if you can't tell, I happen to really like science, food, weird stuff, and learning. Have at it. And stay classy. p:

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Questions. AKA What do you want?